About Fearless

Remember when we were younger and we wanted to be everything and we were all friends, trying everything we could simply because we COULD? Failure wasn’t a thing we worried about.

Then we ‘grew up’.

And some garbage happened. We started competing against one another. We started to worry about how we looked to other people. We started to think that pie of success was finite. We started to forget those feelings of unstoppable energy that let us be anything and anyone.

We’re bringing back those first feelings of trying anything, learning anything, being friends and part of a community and actively celebrating one another.  Through classes, workshops, conversations, events, parties, movie nights, community dinners and adventures, we’re creating a group of women that inspire and support one another.

And together, we are Fearless again.


About Jen

Hi! I’m Jen Oleniczak Brown and I’m a closeted introvert, supporter of women, unapologetic woman who loves to encourage other women to be UnHumble, on a mission to end as much girl on girl crime as possible. When the opportunity to create and open a space that could do all of these things and more, I did what I always do – I leapt. After running The Engaging Educator since 2012, I’ve defeated many of my demons and learned that shared spaces of vulnerability make magic – and knew that shared spaces for WOMEN make an explosive change.

By starting Fearless, I hope to create a space for learning, exploring, conversing, emoting, being, laughing, loving and every other active verb that empowers women to use their voices and be their amazing selves. I’m done qualifying my accomplishments and will do everything in my power to actively uplift the incredible women around me. My favorite quote has always been from the moment in Hairspray when Edna asks Wilber if she should go dance on television – and Wilber says, ‘Do it now, or forever wish you had.’

Let’s do it, together.