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123 Cuisine

Personal Chef
123 Cuisine offers a full range of personal chef services including weekly meals, catered events, cooking lessons and cooking demonstrations. Chef Dianne Blancato is especially interested in helping people eat healthier meals that suit their lifestyle.

(336) 409-5020

Acadia Foods

Deli w/ vegetarian options Coffee shop Neighborhood market

228 W. Acadia Ave.
(336) 331-3251

AK Sweets

Stay at home mom with The dream to open a bakery one day!

(239) 738-4420

Delicious by Shereen

"I've always felt that food is one of the best ways to build bridges and bring people together from different backgrounds." We started a 501(c)(3) nonprofit called "Delicious by Shereen". Our goal is to help the refugee community by empowering them to work using their cooking skills to help their families while increasing their dignity by working rather than asking for help. Our business model is built upon social benefit for those in need. We're interested primarily in helping people help themselves - being productive members of society that contribute to their community is the best way to integrate into life here in America. It's been said before, but we want to give people a hand up instead of a handout. Even though we live in challenging times, it is so very important for people to get together and sit down to share a meal and get to know one another. We have more in common than we realize!" Here are links to some articles that were written about Delicious.

2005 Rossmore Road