Membership Options

Fearless is a collaborative community and social space for and by women and non-binary folks in the Triad – we’ve got coworking, hangages, snacks, coffee, classes in everything from Plant 101 to How to Be An Ally to #BlackWomenAtWork to Knitting to Fermentology. The one through line? We’re helping folks connect, allowing them to be their supernova selves and find other incredible folks they can meet IRL or online – we’re also offering a beautiful getaway space, located in downtown Winston Salem.

The goal is SIMPLE: keep it accessible to everyone and make Fearless sustainable – we’re equal parts coworking space, skill share and community center – all powered by women and non-binary folks.

If you can’t contribute a membership or if you don’t live in Winston Salem – we still LOVE YOU! Any little bit helps keeps the lights on. MWAH!

Our membership is affordable because we truly are a self-service space. After you sign up for a membership, you get access to our Patreon with updates on partner businesses, access to the physical location and more.


$25/month (month to month)

  • Open access coworking/space use – Sunday – Saturday
  • can bring 1 guest to coworking
  • coffee, water, snacks
  • discounts at partner businesses


$15/month – $1/month
Levels Include:

  • free coworking hours
  • coffee, water, snacks
  • discounts at partner businesses


**If you have questions, please email us at


  • Due to COVID19 we are not open for non-members